Reversalert comprises of a heavy-duty rubber box measuring 450w x 280h x 70d. It is totally waterproof, maintenance free and made from very rugged materials to meet the demands of everyday use. The system uses ultra bright high visibility L.E.D’s flashing/static display. The system is activated by the driver using the left indicator switch.

Technical Data
Size 450w x 280h x 70d
Mounting 4 x M8 studs
Voltage Nominal 24v DC
Supply 18-32vDC
Power Consumption Nominal <2A (Variable)
EMC CISPR 22 Class A
CISPR 22 Class B
Ambient Environment Temperature Range -15C to +70C
Relative Humidity <93% RH @ 40C
Ingress Protection IP66 (Dust & Powerful Water Jets)
LED Details Red or Amber 5mm Dia Ultrabright
Flash Rate: On-2 sec
Off-1 sec
Viewing Distance 30M Approx

The operators of large vehicles working in a busy urban environment require as many aides as possible to help
prevent accidents. Reversalerts will alert other road users of the vehicles intentions to manoeuvre.
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