Caution Workers At Rear

  • For refuse vehicles and other vehicles where operatives are working around the vehicle.
  • Also available: Caution Workers At Front

Caution Turning Left

  • For large vehicles in urban areas to give extra warning to cyclists that the vehicle is turning left.

Caution Spreading 30mph

  • For salting/gritting vehicles to warn other road users of the spreading in progress.
  • Also available: Caution Slow Vehicle, Caution Wide Load, Caution Working Vehicle, Danger Do Not Overtake.

Reversalert complies with CISPR specifications for class A equipment.

It comprises of a heavy-duty rubber box measuring 450w x 280h x 70d. It is totally water-proof, maintenance free and made from very rugged materials to meet the demands of everyday use. The system uses a very high visibility LED flashing display.

Reversalert will display any message up to 8 characters long on 3 lines.

Designs already produced include :

Caution Workers At Rear Caution Worker – – – >
Caution Wide Load Caution Pass With Care
Danger Vehicle Reversing Caution Static Vehicle
Stop Vehicle Reversing Caution Slow Vehicle
Enter / Do Not Enter Danger Entering Red Zone Area
– – – – – > Exiting Red Zone Area
Caution Spreading 30mph Do Not Overtake
Caution Turning Left